The aromatic Ceylon Cinnamon Stick -Everything at a glance!

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ceylon cinnamon

Ceylon is famous for its spices.  Among all the spices, however, it is the golden-hued brown color delicate and aromatic role of the Ceylon cinnamon stick that stands out in the family of spices of Sri Lanka.  The bark and leaves of this tree are the part used for making of the cinnamon sticks. It is mentioned that in times past when the Portuguese landed here on our beautiful and pristine island –  one Commander of a  ship said that ” the shores of Ceylon are full of it ” –  And it is the best in the Orient, when one is downwind of the island, one can still smell the cinnamon eight leagues away!

ceylon cinnamon

The tree is a lovely evergreen with oval-shaped leaves and yellow flowers. It takes about two years to grow after which the branches are lopped off to help its growth.  Once the bark is removed and the inner piece scrapped off the cinnamon piece curls up into a thin roll which is then left to dry and immediately after,  cut into  4′ to 5′ pieces.

Highlights of Ceylon Cinnamon trade

The Cinnamon trade was doing somewhat well in ancient Ceylon despite the hard travel up and down between Moor merchants and other traders from countries like India ,Rome ,and Alexandria and had to be transported from Port to  Port by raft down Rivers, seas  ,mountains and  difficult and treacherous terrains,  as there were no proper routes or roadways in those times.   

One stormy night when the Portuguese were on high seas their ship happened to stray across the Indian waters whereby some bad luck,  they,  the Portuguese traders invaded Ceylon- this was around 1518 when they also discovered cinnamon trees growing in abundance in the small island of the Indian ocean.  They greedily and immediately fell upon the island’s rich resources and conquered  Kotte.  Kotte was one of the country’s Kingdoms during that period and King Sri Wickrema Rajasinghe’s reign.  The people of Ceylon were now, slaves under the Portuguese people who took over the cinnamon trade under their purview. The Portuguese people then built a massive fort surrounding Colombo for security and protection of others would be traders and took control of the Cinnamon spice trade. 

ceylon cinnamon

More information…

Meanwhile, in the Kandyan Kingdom,  the King who felt he was losing millions of revenue because of the Portuguese taking over the Ceylon cinnamon trade hatched a plot with the Dutch to overthrow them from the island.  The Dutch agreed, and a battle ensued between the two parties throwing out the Portuguese from the island.  

The Dutch won the battle and took over both island and spice trade paving the way for new buildings, forts, and roadways.  Portway was built to make way for the trading of the islands rich resources mainly the cinnamon trade. 

Travel was now made a bit easier for the trading of spices.  But the Dutch also made the same mistake as the Portuguese –  and were ousted by the British!  

Enter British Englishman…

The British took over Ceylon and soon the island grew even better economically while the cinnamon trade and exports thrived under their rule with revenue flowing

in and doing very well making millions until of course, Ceylon gained her independence in 1948 and local suppliers and exporters took over the cinnamon trade.  Ceylon was now a  free country and could do as we pleased and so today Sri Lanka stands on its own without any interference from anyone and with our own hire of local suppliers and exporters. The cinnamon trade became a source high revenue once again.

ceylon cinnamon

Numerous uses of Cinnamon powder

Cinnamon powder is widely used in Sri Lankan and Asian cooking all over the world.  European people use it for their sweets, cake, and desserts tea and coffee shakes, fruit juice, etc.  Sri Lankans use it in their curries.  Once the cinnamon is ground into a powder it is packed in airtight containers or sachets so the flavor and aroma are tightly encased in and properly protected and preserved and shipped abroad.

A Christmas all time favorite  -Cinnamon 

Cinnamon is an all-time favorite during the holiday season by the Western world.   Come holiday time the aroma of cinnamon could be smelt miles away if you step into an English home.  To keep the fragrance of the cinnamon stick all day round and keep your house smell nice cinnamon sticks are on the boil on a stove.  To do this you just drop in some cinnamon sticks into boiling water along with lemon slices and keep it burning on a wood fire – keep replenishing with water and you will have this fragrance in the house the whole day.  Of course, this is lovely to have in a home in the cold climes of Nuwara Eliya.

Medicinal powers and benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon 

Since ancient times cinnamon has thought to be good for various types of health related diseases.  It is good for fighting type 2 diabetes.  Going back to ancient times cinnamon has been used for 

  1. Respiratory problems 
  2. gynecological and
  3. Digestive problems etc.

Also helps with bacterial and fungal infections, blood glucose and cholesterol levels can also be controlled with the use of cinnamon. 

Adding cinnamon powder and lemon juice is a good remedy for pimples.  Honey and lemon juice is super for wounds and skin irritations.  A few drops of lemon juice and cinnamon powder for blackheads and you will have clear skin in no time.

ceylon cinnamon

Taking cinnamon daily can also help those with arthritis. Add a small teaspoonful of cinnamon to a  cup of warm or hot water adding a bit of honey can relieve you off with pain.

Where to buy Ceylon Cinnamon?  

Ceylon Cinnamon is hard to find in supermarkets but you can find in specialty shops that deal with genuine spices.   

Ceylon Cinnamon is grown in Sri Lanka.  It is also grown in Madagascar, Seychelles, and India and other tropical countries.    The other varieties could be found in Indonesia and China. 

Ceylon Cinnamon capsules 

There are several brands of Ceylon Cinnamon capsules sold in pharmacies and supermarkets.  Some of the popular and good supplementary brands are Nutriflair, Oregon’s Wild Harvest,  Dipsta powder just to name these 3 special brands. 


Ceylon Cinnamon in a bottle.  A good supplement in a bottle supposed be good.  High praise given for these capsules

ceylon cinnamon

Oregon’s Wild Harvest 

Made with our own fresh Ceylon Cinnamon sticks a good capsule which includes ones daily supplement. 

Dipstar powder 

Cinnamon is in powdered form includes all necessary supplements to be taken.


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