Ceylon Cinnamon

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  Sri Lanka is the largest cinnamon producer and exporter of the world. Sri Lanka fulfills 90% of the cinnamon requirement of the global market. Cinnamon being at top of the spices list of Sri Lanka. It is one of the major indigenous spice to Sri Lanka. The true Cinnamon mainly produces only one place, namely in Ceylon. Hence, the cinnamon which belongs to Ceylon called as Ceylon Cinnamon or true cinnamon. According to the historical records, cinnamon was the main source of export wealth and barter. It believed because of that plant on commercial line by the Dutch during a period of 1765-1770 in Negombo.Ceylon cinnamon

Cinnamon is a wonderful smaller every green semi-tropical tree. That tree has commercially grown in Brazil, the Caribbean, and India. The trunk is stout with thick gray bark. That stem is continually cut back to produce new stems for bark. Leaves are stiff every green and opposite and short petiole also somewhat variable in size and shape. That leaves release sharp spicy order when it crashed. Both bark and leaves are aromatic. The aromatic compounds are Cinnamaldehyde, eugenol bark, and leaf in respectively.  Flowers are small pale yellow color soft elongate hairy inflorescence. Fruits are berry and color change green to purple-black when it ripens. Also, Fruit contains only one seed, that seed used for propagation.B ut rapid multiplication method is vegetative propagation.  An economic life span of cinnamon is 35 to 40 years.

Cinnamon commonly cultivates upland Law country wet zone Southern part of Sri Lanka. The origin of Ceylon cinnamon was central hill country of Sri Lanka. According to Central bank report of Sri Lanka (2015) covering a total land area 32,342 ha. Mainly cinnamon cultivates Galle, Matara, and Rathnapura district. The main producing area of Cinnamon is the southern coastal belt covering over the 75% of the cultivation.Ceylon cinnamon

That Industry contributes Sri Lanka Economy in different ways. At the Cinnamon cultivation and processing provide a livelihood to growers in Southern region of Sri Lanka. Nearly fifteen thousand metric tons of Ceylon cinnamon is exported from Sri Lanka to Latin America, the United State, and other European countries.

Main products of Ceylon cinnamon are quills, Feathering, chips, Bark oil, and leaf oil. The major product is cinnamon quills. Also, cinnamon bark used as a spice and as a flavoring agent in beverage and various natural medicinal treatments. Most of the countries in the world desire to Ceylon cinnamon due to its unique quality, flavor, color, and aroma. There are the different type of oil extraction by bark, leaf, root, and seed in the cinnamon plant, a composition of the oil is different from one part to other parts. Another important chemical is cinnamon Oleoresin, which as similar applications in the food industry.Ceylon cinnamon

There is an increasing preference for natural flavor all over the world. Thus the demand of Ceylon cinnamon oil steadily grow. But that industry is facing many problems such as poor agronomic practices, shortage of skilled labors and law labor productivity, high production cost, Lack of rural credit also pest and disease problems.


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